Our Team

CommonCents has a team across the globe working to create a mobile application that will bring philanthropy into the 21st Century. Our team is made up of diverse individuals who came together for one common vision: transform the charitable giving process to suit an expanded group of potential donors and, thereby, deliver a larger, more consistent pool of donors.

Our Story

CommonCents founders Shane and Alyssa were raised in the Midwest. The strong sense of sharing and service bred into each of them show in their careers --Shane has served in the military while Alyssa once worked as an industrial firefighter and first responder. Both are now hard at work with the rest of the CommonCents team to bring the new wave of philanthropy to you.

Our Mission

CommonCents is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering nonprofits by easing the process of electronic funding while being the most dependable method of collecting and distributing donations.